So while I have been thinking about this blog and what name it should have, what graphics to put on for the header etc, people have been asking me, “What is it about?”

The simple answer is, it is about me and what I like doing. Spinning a yarn! Some of the entries here are written from challenges from another site, Goblin’s Teacup.  The Goblin’s Teacup is a circle of storytellers who have come together to challenge themselves and share their unique stories and other writings. The challenges are listed on the site, and writers post their entries on their own blogs.

So grab a cuppa and pull up a pew.  Hopefully my way of storytelling will keep you entertained for a few minutes and if you do like what you read, please come back and visit again.

In the meantime though,

Have fun



2 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Thanx Haldare.

    You know you are always welcome here 🙂

    Have fun

  2. Nice site Mysti 🙂 I can see myself spending some me time here 🙂

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